Management is not a science, it is an art.


Ettienne Le Roux - Key Individual – Director

Bcom Financial Management (University of South Africa),

RE1 (Key Individual Cat1),

RE3 (Key Individual Cat2),

RE5 (Representative Cat1)

Ettienne is a registered financial planner with over 8 years industry related experience. Ettienne started his career as financial planner at Liberty’s franchise division where he was later also appointed as an investment team leader. He moved on to become a Key Individual and in 2013 found his own independent brokerage – Reflect Brokers (Pty) Ltd.

In 2016 Ettienne joined the Novus Group of companies to find Novus Asset Management (Pty) Ltd where he was instrumental in the development and implementation of a cash management model specifically geared for public sector funds. By mid 2018 the company had invested well over a billion rand on behalf of its public sector clients.

Ettienne now heads the Reflect Financial Services group as Managing Director and Key Individual.