Our Corporate Cash Management solution is ideal for businesses and investors seeking to maximise the yield on their excess cash while enjoying the flexibility of a highly liquid investment, with cash being available immediately


Our Corporate Cash Management Service is delivered through combining an interest bearing call account linked to multiple rated Money Market and Income Funds. The offering is fully managed by Reflect Asset Management as independent treasury consultant and administrator.

The facility not only secures above average returns but also a hassle-free service underpinned by multi-layered security, ensuring safety of funds at all times. Funds are managed in accordance with the different investment mandates directed and shaped by different regulations such as those governing Public Sector entities like the Municipal Financial Management Act (MFMA) and Public Financial Management Act (PFMA).

The offering is tailored to suit the most conservative investors with a primary objective of capital preservation and bank diversification whilst achieving returns in excess of call rates.



Call Account (Opened with Nedbank - via a written mandate and power of attorney to give us transactional capacity)

No minimum balance required  

Third-party payment can be made from the account

Recurring payments can be made (stop orders)

Linked beneficiary accounts can be loaded

Immediate access to funds

Linked Money Market/Income Accounts

Minimum balance of R5 Million required.

Multiple Providers: Investec, Ashburton, Nedgroup, Old Mutual.

Liquidity: Access to funds within 24 – 48 hours.

Safety of funds – we only invest in AA+ Rated funds

Generally higher rates than fixed deposits.

Choice of interest payments – monthly/ maturity.

Qualifying criteria for Money Market/Income funds:

The funds must have:

•     A fund size of R2 billion or more

•     Less than 25% invested in corporate debt

•     All funds must have a AA and higher Credit rating

•     Rand Denominated


1.  Choice of account to suit client needs.

2.  Single point of contact - All instructions are performed by Reflect Asset Management as administrator including:

          -     Opening of accounts

          -     Deposits and withdrawals instructions

          -     Interest instructions

          -     Electronic fund transfers

          -     Third-party payments – Monthly or recurring

3.  Ease of access and security – You only ever have to transfer funds to your Nedbank Call account, from here we will make transfer to the agreed upon linked Money Market accounts.

4.  Convenience - once your Nedbank Call account is active (including linked Money market accounts opened), future investments can be made simply and hassle free by giving us a written instruction, no more paperwork or lengthy FICA requirements!

5. Transparency - Full access to view your account with Nedbank at any time including linked Money Market accounts on request. You will also receive monthly statements by email.

6.  Safety of funds – Your money is always invested with the bank/Asset Manager in AA+ rated Money Market Fund.

Open an Account

Should you wish to open an account, please get in touch by either completing a  contact form or by contacting us.