An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin


What is financial planning?

Financial Planning is about identifying and prioritising your needs and providing solutions to meet those needs.

The benefits of financial planning

We highly recommend engaging fully in the financial planning process.

The financial planning process offers the following long term benefits:

▪   Maximising your wealth during your lifetime

     •     Reducing the effect of taxation - e.g. advice on tax efficient


     •     Reducing debt

     •     Attaining financial independence after retirement

     •     Enabling you to reach your short, medium and long term goals

▪   Providing for emergencies

     •     Capital needs if disability occurs

     •     Income need if disability occurs

     •     Emergency fund for less serious events

▪   Achieving your lifestyle goals and objectives

     •     Help identifying your goals and ways of achieving them

▪   Making sure that everything is in order in the event of your death

     •     Immediate cash needs

     •     Family income need

     •     Wills

     •     Trusts

▪   Enabling you to manage your finances on a daily basis

▪   Empowering you to make the right financial choices

We offer the following financial planning services:

•     Corporate financial planning

•     SME / Small business financial planning

•     Personal financial planning

•     Banking and Investments

•     Retirement planning

•     Estate planning

How does financial planning work?

Our Financial Planners follow the "6 step financial planning process" as laid down by the FPI as best practice for Financial Planners. The 6 steps are:

1.     Establishing and defining a professional relationship

2.     Gathering data, including goals

3.     Analysing and evaluating your financial status

4.     Developing and presenting financial planning

         recommendations and/or alternatives

5.     Implementing the financial planning recommendations

6.     Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

If you would like a comprehensive analysis of your specific financial needs, please get in touch to schedule an appointment with one of our independent financial planners in your area.